MySpace Karaoke

Role: Branding, User Experience, Design
Alot of people didn’t know MySpace had Karaoke.  Well…they did!  And the people who used it…loved it.  It was a great place for aspiring singers to come and show the world their
talents.  We had some really good singers come through and performed and of course there were some really bad ones as well…but in the end, it was all about having fun.  We’ve
partnered with musicians such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce, All American Rejects, Fall Out Boys, Pink, Alanis Morissette and many others to create unique contest where the winner
was chosen by the Artist themselves.  
I’ve started this page off with an awesome campaign we created to showcase our members.  For each video, I worked with our copy writer to come up with some funny taglines. 

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