Phone People

Role: Branding, User Experience, Design
Phone People is a powerful yet simple phone system that automatically answers every call with a professional greeting and routes them to your office, cell phone, home—or any number, so you’ll never
miss a call.
I worked with our copy writer and we came up with the concept of “What can Phone People do for you?”  Our target market were small businesses so with the creative, we wanted to put the focus on small business owners yet still catering to big businesses who want big market solutions at an affordable price.  So with the creative, we did just that.  It didn’t matter whether you owned a flower shop, a kayak business, a restaurant or even if you are just a realtor…we wanted small business owners to know that this is the solution for them.  We worked with a photographer and cast a group of people to be used on our creatives.  The end product was a huge success.  It immediately saw an increase in conversion and was once again a viable product. 
Home Page Design – Background image rotates with each visit


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